About Star Camp


Star Camp is a 120 Acre privately owned location just 40 Miles northeast of the city of Mount Shasta, CA. We are a mom and pop production where we own the land, the sound, and we put on the show. We do not like to use the word "festival", this event is a manageable, Affordable, Community-based, family oriented psytrance Gathering in a magical setting.


STAR CAMP 2016 from start to finish!!! Did you miss it? Were you there? Find yourself!

About Star Camp Shasta 2017


August 4th-6th, 2017 in Northern California 30 miles outside Weed, CA - Directions will be posted the week of the event

the Portland based Booty Chakra Psychedelic Music collective will be Returning to produce the Full On/Progressive/Zenon stage at this year's Star Camp Shasta

the main stage is hosted by Starseed events and features a 50 thousand watt 5-way custom built and custom painted soundsystem- Psytrance from goa/morning to Dark/Hi-tech, and all the flavors in between.

Doors open at noon on friday, please do not come before that unless you are part of the production, Music starts friday before sunset and goes until midnight sunday night. Everybody is welcome to spend the night sunday and leave by monday afternoon.

Star camp hoodies and t-shirts will be available for sale
Lydia's Foods will be serving! Bring CASh! 

Star camp is high altitude camping, please come prepared for very cold nights and warm days, and bring some swimming gear - 

If you have any questions about anything else, please visit the FAq page


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