·Andrús (Visionary Shamanics, Occulta Records)·


It all started when...

DJ Andrús is André Poulin from San Francisco California.  His DJ sets are comprised of forward thinking, groove oriented deep psychedelic textures and syncopated rhythms which push the mind and body to a state of unity on
the dancefloor.  Enveloping the listener in atmospheres of mind expanding psychedelia while driving the body to dance like no one is watching.  Starting his DJ career with what he called tribal psychedelic techno and later
gravitating towards the Zenon and Uroboros sounds of dark progressive, he has developed a reputation for blasting dancefloors with tech influenced dynamic music cascading from deep minimal into rolling basslines. Since then
his sets have encorporated a newer subgenre nestled in between dark progressive and forest sounds simply defined as forest progressive.  This gave way to many transition sets in which many styles were highlighted from
zenonesque, dark prog, forest prog, forest and dark music in the hopes to unlock new doorways into psychedelic portals for fans of different styles. These sets almost always start in lower bpm ranges and gradually
stretch into increasingly faster, more complex and intense psychedelic soundscapes while always keeping the groove as the guiding backbone of the experience.