StarSeed Stage (in alphabetical order)

·Special Guest (Zenon Records, 2To6 Records)·
·Aluxes (Star Camp Shasta)·
·Andrús (Visionary Shamanics, Occulta Records)
·Dragon (Omveda Records, TOUCH Samadhi)·
·Ely (Star Camp Shasta)·
·Goldilox (Star Camp Shasta)·
·Fr0stsp1re (Interplanetary Trance Foundation)·
·Kassandra (Forest Frequency)·
·Konvndrvm (JellyFishFrequency)·
·Kromagon (Zenon Records)·
·LeoHawk (Shaman Electro Records Owner)·
·Special Guest (Dark Prisma Records)·
·Narco Submarines (Audiodidakt & Joshi) (Alice-D Records)·
·Nicole Letshare (Star Camp Shasta)·
·Special Guest(PsynOpticz Records)·
·Oxomo (Popol Vuh, Voodoo Hoodoo Records)·
·PARADIGM (Blacklite Records, Pulse LA)·
·PARUS (RedMarines, Auraquake)·
·Serendipity (Star Camp Shasta, Divine Movement)·
·SHROOMTRANCE (Star Camp Shasta)·
·Silent Movement (Tripura Yantra Recs, RLPS)·
·SmokeSign (Zenon Records, Psytribe)·
·Sunchild  (Reversible Records/Mighty Quinn Records)·
·{{Symbiot}} (Knob Twisters)·
·Special Guest (Sangoma Records)·
·Xipil (Red Marines Productions)·
·Dj Zorin (Anomalistic Records, Good Mood Promotion)·

Booty Chakra Stage (in alphabetical order)

·Special Guest (Zenon Records, Jaira Records, Unstable sounds)·
·Birds of Paradise (Gibson Solo Set, Addictech)·
·Delic (Ibidelyc Recordings Ibiza, Geomagnetic)·
·DoctorSpook (Geomagnetic, Spiral Trax)·
·Enki (Bass Star, Phylum)·
·KAHN (Pulsar Music, Solar Tech Records)·
·Kromagon (Zenon Records)·
·Lali Shyama (Odd Earth Collective)·
·Mystral (Merkaba Music)·
·Pedro Rolas (Audiomedics)·
·Planewalker (Waveform Wizardry)·
·Special Guest (Dark Prisma Records)·
·Random (Geomagnetic Records)·
·SmokeSign (Zenon Records, Psytribe)·
·Technohippy (Seattle Psy Ops)·
·Triceradrops (Pharmacy, pulsar music)·
·Secret Guest (Zenon Records, Occulta Records)·
·Wichdokta (Phoenix Family, Geomagnetic Rec, Full Circle·
·Zenith (SunDance Records, RGM Entertainment)·

please note, that this list is subject to change!