·Goldilox (Star Camp Shasta)·


It all started when...

With a degree in Media and Performing Arts from Massachusetts College of Art, DJ Goldilox aka Goldie began her music career in the Industrial band D.D.T. in Boston back in 1991. This is same Goldilox that started out her dj persona playing drum and bass at Sister SF in 1997, resident Funky Techno dj at the Session in Northern Ireland, regular Techhouse guest dj at the infamous Otherwhirld on Sunday mornings at The End-up in San Francisco, old member of Brass Tax in SF, guest at Scooby-Doo Crew Raves in Texas, and organized way to many Burning Man Camps, festivals, and parties to mention. She also has Breaks, Glitch, and Progressive releases on Sleevin' Records. For the last decade she’s been playing funky forest/psychedelic trance. Now she and her husband DJ Aluxes are organizing events as StarSeed Events.Star Camp is a Psytrance event on 120 acres of private property, about 30 miles from Mt. Shasta, California