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It all started when...


Olya..aka..~DJ Ohmnipresence~..was born in broad steppes of Kazakhstan..were wind is freely blows in all directions..)) @ze age`ov19 she left homeland and moved to US..that's where her already developed love for electronic music fully blossomed!! From d'n'b to hard techno..experimental idm to psytrance..anything goes! in the world of a true music lover..)) Big psy festivals and small gatherings has become a big part of her life so staying aside was not an option and Olya has dived into a scene as a decorator @1st ..deco-project Organic Elements was born..after 5 years of deco-settupin' life..and deeper connections with all musicians and artists of the scene a nu dj project was born ~djOhmnipresence~.. A free flowing wind of imagination of musical collages and mixes..darkpsy..psycore..experimental..hitekkkk(sometimes)psss))) are main directions of current flow..but ya'know..Anywhere winds blows..WINDOWS(ov'opportunity;P)