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It all started when...

Random is the alias that encompasses the audio adventures of San Francisco California native Ross Du Bois in his original production as well as Djing electronic dance music of various genres, mainly focused on the sounds of psychedelic trance. Random's flawless mixing and audio wizardry has zapped dance floors silly since 1996 as a pioneer artist, dj, and event organizers still at it since before the turn of the new millennium. Random has toured his music across North and Central America, Europe and Japan at festivals such as Boom, Burning Man, Ultra Music Fest, SF Love Fest, and countless other indoors and outdoor events. Having written and produced more than 200 songs throughout his career, there are four Random albums on the market so far including, Implicate Order (2005) Random Robot - Sonic Life (2008) Visitors (2012) Adventures 2CD Compendium (2012) Plus many more singles and compilation tracks spanning the full range of well known labels from across the world. Random is also a respected mastering engineer as well as co-manager, A&R, Graphic Designer and file juggler for the Geomagnetic.tv Record Label Group which includes Spiral Trax, Parabola Music, Ovnimoon Records, Digital Drugs Coalition, Goa Records, Timewarp, Bass Star Records, Dubstep SF, Power House Records, Fresh Frequencies and more. His music kidnaps the listener’s mind and sends it spiraling beyond space and time, it's intelligent, crunchy, groovy and mind-expanding, are you ready for this sensation to storm you to bliss!