·Wichdokta (Phoenix Family, Geomagnetic Rec, Full Circle·


It all started when...

Wichdokta formed the FULL CIRCLE COLLECTIVE in Mendocino County, California in 96'. In '97 he began throwing the infamous gathering called "GEMINI" that was held on the majestic Eel River. In '2000 he met Dr. Spook and Random to create the loving PHOENIX FAMILY COLLECTIVE. He also runs the sound company FULL CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS. As a promoter and gathering thrower, he knows what gets the people going. The Wichdokta's sets are something of a spectacle to witness, his amazing energy and psychedelic music go hand in hand to give you the ride of your life on the dance floor. Hailed as one of the top Psychedelic Trance DJ'S in the United States, he has played with the best in the industry; Neuromotor, Rastaliens, Alien Project, Mr. Peculiar, Stranger, Lemurians, Deviant Species, Scorb, CPU, Sirius Issness, Earthling, Xenomorph,Highko , Jahbo, Hux Flux, Mad Maxx, Dirty Saffi, Psymmetrix, and many more!